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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, Cal State L.A. has faculty experts available to speak to the media about the sociological and psychological perspectives of romantic love, sexual desires and/or gender relationships. Listed below are two Cal State L.A. professors with such expertise.

If you need a quick directory of experts for other breaking news items, go directly to Guide to the Experts at Cal State L.A., The on-line media guide includes 360 experts from Cal State L.A. who are available and willing to speak to the media.

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Janet Lever
Associate Professor of Sociology; Ph.D., Yale University
Dr. Lever has developed a survey about office sex and romance, which is being offered through and ELLE magazine. Dr. Lever specializes in gender studies, leisure studies, applied sociology, and the social consequences of human sexuality. She is also adjunct staff member at RAND in Santa Monica, California where she researches and writes on sex and health policy issues. She and Dr. Pepper Schwartz co-authored Glamour magazine’s monthly “Sex and Health” column from 1991 through 1998. For the past 20 years, Dr. Lever has taught sociology at Yale, Northwestern, UCLA, UC San Diego, USC and Cal State L.A. She has been interviewed by CBS on “paraparenting” (formerly known as godparenting) and by NBC Dateline on “bisexual chic” in a February 1996 news segment. (Results of the office sex and romance survey will be announced on the “Today Show” in early May. Go to or’s health page to participate; survey runs through February 2002.)

Pamela Regan
Assistant Professor of Psychology; Ph.D., University of Minnesota
Dr. Regan, an evolutionary social psychologist and statistician, is currently the director of Cal State L.A.’s Social Relations Lab. Her research includes beliefs about sexual desires, the experience of romantic love, casual sex, mate selection, the physical attractiveness stereotype, and seduction strategies. She can also speak to the media on extramarital relations and men’s high social status as an attraction to women. Dr. Regan has been published in more than 20 journals and her research has been a focus of many magazine articles. In 1999, she coauthored a book entitled Lust: What We Know About Human Sexual Desire (Sage Publications). She served on the editorial board of The Journal of Social and Personal Relationships.


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