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PEOPLE: Cal State L.A. Experts on Violence in Schools --- On Tuesday, April 20, two youths reportedly killed 15 people during a rampage in a Denver, Colorado, high school. As printed in the Los Angeles Times, the current shootings were the latest in a series of incidents at schools across the United States in the last 18 months that have killed at least 14 people and wounded more than 40. Cal State L.A. has faculty experts available to speak to the media about the recent violence in schools. Listed below are two professors among many at Cal State L.A. with such expertise. Dr. Stuart Fischoff, a psychologist, is a national expert on the effect of media violence on children, adults and society. Dr. Marcel Soriano's expertise is in the area of violence in the schools and its prevention.

If you need a quick directory of experts for other breaking news items, go directly to Guide to the Experts at Cal State L.A., The on-line media guide includes 360 experts from Cal State L.A. who are available and willing to speak to the media.

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Stuart P. Fischoff
Professor of Psychology; Ph.D., New School For Social Research
Dr. Fischoff is a clinical psychologist and president of the Association for Media Psychology. He is founder and executive director of the Psychotherapy Screening Guild, the only organization in the world dedicated to promoting films that explore the human condition with sensitivity and compassion. Miles to Go, an award-winning docudrama about facing death which Dr. Fischoff co-authored, has aired on CBS-TV. Dr. Fischoff is also a noted authority on assertiveness training. He has been interviewed by local and national media on a wide range of subjects. He is an expert on media psychology.

Marcel Soriano
Professor of Education; Ph.D., U.S. International University
Marcel Soriano has been involved in the development of curriculum for Cultural Competence Training for psychologists, counselors and social workers. In addition, he has conducted two years worth of research on school violence and violence prevention. Other current projects include research on gang behavior, alternative education for at-risk youth and their families, parenting education for language-minority parents and cross-cultural psychological services for ethnic minority families. He is also a licensed and credentialed counselor, psychologist and educational administrator. Soriano served as an expert witness for the team of lawyers representing the Los Angeles Unified School District and San Francisco Unified School District on Proposition 187.
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