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PEOPLE: Experts on Human Cloning --- Yesterday, there was a news announcement claiming that researchers in South Korea have created a cloned human embryo for therapeutic purposes. Cal State L.A. has faculty experts available to speak to the media about cloning, genetics and the validity of this scientific phenomena. Listed below are two professors among many at Cal State L.A. with such expertise.

If you need a quick directory of experts for other breaking news items, go directly to Guide to the Experts at Cal State L.A.. The on-line media guide includes 360 experts from Cal State L.A. who are available and willing to speak to the media.

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Sandra Sharp
Associate Professor of Biology; Ph.D., UCLA
Dr. Sharp is an expert in genetic engineering and molecular biology. She has received numerous awards including a NIH/NRSA postdoctoral fellowship.

Robert Luis Vellanoweth
Assistant Professor of Biochemistry, BS, Cal State L.A.; Ph.D., UC Berkeley
Dr. Vellanoweth's current research is focused on gaining an understanding of the mechanisms of life span determination in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana. He has published many articles on such topics as the functional role of androgen receptor gene promoter interacting with Sp1 and a DNA binding protein; cellular and molecular effects of androgenic-anabolic steroids; and the evolutionary tangle of aging, sex and reproduction. He has received several grants and awards including the Ford and McKnight postdoctoral fellowship at Washington State University.


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