First Year Experience


The First Year Experience (FYE) program offers exciting academic courses and social activities for incoming freshmen and transfer students to enhance educational and personal experiences on the CSULA campus. Students have the opportunity to select courses that place them into learning communities, connecting them with other first year students who will be sharing professors, tutors, and advisors in a supportive environment. FYE assembles an array of educational, cultural, and social resources to assist in the transition from high schools and community colleges to University life. Through the options of paired courses, linked courses, peer mentoring, common reading projects, and common intellectual experiences, such as debates, field trips, forums, panels, and leadership workshops, the FYE program facilitates students in maximizing their General Education course completions, educational interests, peer relationships, knowledge of campus resources, and community engagement opportunities.


The First Year Experience program at CSULA develops academic and social elements that contribute to the University's commitment to student success. The program serves students by facilitating their transition to the expectations and responsibilities of a University campus; promoting the interconnection of learning outcomes of academic courses across disciplines; encouraging personal involvement in issues and events on a multiethnic campus; promoting participation in community services and programs; and shaping critical thinking for leadership roles in campus and community activities. The FYE program affirms the importance of shaping a University environment that fosters the significance of individual academic achievement balanced with the responsibility and duty to the campus and the community.

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