Ecuador Volcanoes Expedition, 2010

Welcome to the website for our Ecuador Volcano Expedition, 2010! Thanks to the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Office of Interanational Science and Engineering (OISE) for funding our expedition of discovery. Our team consists of scientists and students from California State University Los Angeles, the University of Wyoming, the University of South Carlolina and the Instituto de Geofisico in Quito Ecuador,teaming up with classrooms in the U.S.A and Ecuador to bring science from the field into the classroom.


Our Daily Updates


Friday, Dec 3rd, 2010: Well, it's been a super busy week, no udates due to lots of stuff to do in order to prepare for our trip tomorrow! The good news is that we have added THREE new Ecuadorian students and scientists to our expedition (see the Who We Are link). We have also added FIVE more classrooms to our Discussion section. Welcome to all the students from Laramie High School and the Grand Island Central School District in Grand Island, NY. We leave tomorrow!

Monday, 29 Nov, 2010: Our expedition now has an official e-mail address: Send us questions and we will keep you posted about our expedition. We also have a Facebook account; friend us at Ecuador Volcanoes!

Sunday, 28 Nov, 2010: Yesterday there were two earthquakes on Reventador, and it was cloudy, which seems typical for this volcano lately. There is no activity reported for Sumaco, which is also typical since this volcano has not erupted since 1933. One week from today we will be in Quito, getting to leave for Sumaco Volcano. We are staying at the WildSumaco lodge inorder to access the flanks of Sumaco and the other two volcanoes for our study; Yanahurcu and Pan de Azucar. Went today to REI to buy a helmet and rain gear. Only 6 days left!

Saturday, 27 Nov, 2010: This weekend we are all getting ready to go. Packing, making lists of last minute things,and waterproofing my tent. I am also keeping track of the level of activity of Reventador Volcano The activity has settled down this month and it is looking good for us to do our field research! We leave next Sat, Dec 4th at 6am.

image 16

El Reventador Volcano, August 20-08