Asian And Asian American Studies

    The Bachelor of Arts Degree in Asian and Asian American Studies

    The B.A. Degree Program in Asian and Asian American Studies at CSULA is an interdisciplinary program with an emphasis on the connections between Asian and Asian American Studies. The program is built on a solid foundation of languages, cultures and histories of Asia while emphasizing both the global and the local dimensions of social, cultural, economic and political connections between Asia and Asian America. Requirements for the Major - There is a single option with 68-80 units required. For the full program details, visit CSULA's catalog at to view Asian Studies Major or Minor in Asian Studies With a degree in Asian and Asian American Studies, exciting and interesting career opportunities are possible in the rapidly globalizing world. Training in international and transnational relationships are invaluable for:

  • Education
  • Preparation for professional schools such as journalism, law, and media
  • Preparation for Ph.D. programs in related social sciences and humanities
  • Government
  • Social work and human resources
  • Community development specialist
  • Foreign service officer
  • Private Enterprise
  • International business
  • Public administration
  • Public relations representative