Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can international students take Open University classes and get an I-20?
An international student can take Open University classes, but he/she may not obtain an I-20. The normal rules for Open University registration apply (get instructor's signature and dept. approval stamp for each class).

2. How do I audit Open University courses?
Obtain approval in the Enrollment Services Center for (PaGE), University Student Union, Room 105, before paying fees. Regular attendance is expected, but auditors are not required to complete assignments or take examinations.

3. How do I take a traditional graded course for credit/non credit?
Fill out the "Request for Nontraditional Grading" form at the Enrollment Services Center for (PaGE), University Student Union, Room 105. Next, get approval from Cal State LA's Office of Enrollment Services at Administration 409. Then pay your fees at the Cashier's Office at Administration 128. Class attendance and participation in exams are required.