Web Space Guidelines

California State University, Los Angeles strongly supports the appropriate use of all campus computing resources, including the use of its Internet presence - website, portals and digital content.

The University's Internet presence and content must:

  • Enhance and effectively communicate the University's mission;
  • Facilitate access to accurate information;
  • Be accessible by everyone including people with disabilities;
  • Provide access to a range of online services; and
  • Positively reflect upon the California State University (CSU).

All students, University employees and third-party service providers authorized to create University webpages are responsible for adhering to all requirements of their signed Appropriate Use Agreement and complying with the following web space guidelines.

  • Unlawful, unprofessional or unethical use or misuse of this technology is prohibited. No communication of any sort shall contain anything that could be considered prejudicial or harassing.
  • Every University webpage must have a "Page Master" who is responsible for the accuracy and presentation of any give webpage.
  • All University webpages must comply with the technical, accessibility, aesthetic and editorial standards and policies managed by the Office of Public Affairs and Information Technology Services.
  • Links to other sites on the Internet must be suitable, relevant to the CSULA audience, and the content must meet these guidelines. The University is not responsible for the content of links to third-party sites. Any specially authorized link in the University web presence does not imply California State University endorsement of the site, products or services.
  • The use of copyrighted works that require payment for use is prohibited on University webpages (see Illegal Downloading). This includes, but is not limited to, legitimate music, film and television recordings, and computer and video games. Downloading these works without payment is illegal (piracy) and can be punishable by up to 3 years in prison and $250,000 in fines.
  • The use of copyrighted printed or digital work on University webpages including, but not limited to, photographs, drawings, written or digital documents or excerpts from documents, and video clips or sound clips may be used with the written consent of the copyright holder.
  • It is the responsibility of the student, faculty or staff member downloading or uploading files to ensure that the files are not copyrighted, that he or she has the permission of the copyright holder and that proper citations are used when requested to do so by the copyright holder.
  • Web content must comply with all state and federal laws and regulations, CSU Executive Orders, and University policies and guidelines related to information security and privacy.
  • Webpages may not be used for personal commercial gain, advertising or fundraising except as permitted by other University policies.
  • All campus websites must be platform- and browser-neutral.

Any webpage found to be in violation of University policy, or containing unlawful, unprofessional or unethical content will be suspended from the University web server upon discovery.