Placing Calls

Campus Calls

To dial another person on campus, listen for the dial tone, then dial 3 plus the four-digit phone number.

Directory Assistance

Local Calls. Telephone information for the local 323 area code is available by dialing 8 plus 411. The cost is $0.95 per call.

Long Distance. Telephone information for all other areas is available by dialing 8, 1, the area code and 555-1212. The cost is $1.99 per call.

Information calls are charged to the caller's reporting unit.

International Calls

To place international calls, dial 8 plus 011 and the telephone number, followed by the # symbol. Dialing the # symbol at the end of the telephone number will speed the call overseas.

Local and Long Distance Calls

To place local and long distance calls, dial 8 plus 1, the area code, and the seven-digit number.