Payroll - Absence Management

Absence Management is the on-line module for tracking leave balances and reported absences. Access to Absence Management Self-Service is through myCalStateLA portal. Absence Management accruals, reported absences, and adjustments are not finalized until the end of the following month.

For questions regarding updating your absences or leave balances, please contact your department timekeeper.

Where to View Your Leave Balances

Once in Self Service, you can see your leave balances by clicking on Self Service and then clicking on Employee Balance Inquiry. Leave balance information is displayed both with summarized and detailed absence information.

How to Enter an Absence

To report your absences, click on Self Service, then click on Time Reporting > Report Time > Report and View Absences. You can enter your February 2012 absences, but be aware that your department timekeeper may have already entered absences for you.

Work with your department timekeeper and managers for their requirements regarding absence requests. Policies have not changed and you are still responsible for timely and accurate reporting of your leave time used. If you have not taken any leave during the month, you are required to report “No Time Taken.”

Summary of Maximum Vacation and CTO Credit

Summary of Maximum Vacation and CTO Credit

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