Ruben Quintero

Ruben Quintero, Department of English
College of Arts and Letters
Department of English
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My teaching in the classroom is directed at improving student skills of close and insightful reading and sound critical writing. My hope is that students may better understand and appreciate the indispensible richness of a literary tradition that will return the calls of its readers through acts of the imagination.


I enjoy teaching at all levels, from freshman composition to graduate seminars. My primary field is British literature from the Restoration through the eighteenth century. My graduate seminars have focused on major authors, such as Pope, Swift, and Johnson, on genres, such as the eighteenth century novel, Augustan poetry, and satire, and on other topics, such as the development of aesthetics in the eighteenth century, eighteenth-century literary uses of history, and rhetorics of literary criticism.


Much of my research has been in the areas of Augustan poetry and satire, but the entire domain of Restoration and eighteenth-century literature holds my fascination.


Ph.D., A.M. (English and American Literature and Language) 
 Harvard University

B.A. (English and Philosophy) 
 California State University, Los Angeles


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