Admissions Criteria

The Early Entrance Program may be appropriate for a student with some of the following qualifications:

  • One who is not yet in the tenth grade unless accelerated by one or more grades, and is not yet over 16 years of age by June 1st in the year of application
  • One who consistently scores in the very top ranges on standardized ability and achievement tests
  • One who has a demonstrated ability to perform at an outstanding level in school
  • One who has demonstrated appropriate, positive school behavior
  • One whose educational needs will not be met in the school he/she is presently attending or would be attending

The student likely to be admitted to the EEP is one who:

  • Demonstrates a strong desire to attempt a challenging educational program
  • Possesses adequate self-motivation, self-regulation, and appropriate behavior on a college campus
  • Has the support of the parents to undertake a program of radical educational acceleration, including but not limited to financial support through culmination of degree/graduation
  • Has a history of advanced intellectual and academic achievement
  • Performs at a level indicating a readiness for college level work on the SAT or ACT exam