B.S. Industrial Technology

Industrial Technology (ITEC)

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About the Program

Graduates of the Industrial Technology program are called "technologists" to distinguish them from graduates of engineering programs. Technologists apply management theory and practice with technical skills to solve problems.

Technology changes at the speed of light. What was innovative yesterday may be replaced tomorrow. A variety of businesses and industries are in need of individuals who have the knowledge and flexibility to learn, implement and manage new technology within complex business environments. Schools need well prepared industrial and technology education teachers to help educate and guide young men and women into high technology careers.

On the business and industry side, Industrial Technology (ITEC) majors assume roles as "Industrial Technologists" in a wide variety of industrial and business settings and they understand managerial concepts and principles. Common to all Industrial Technologists is the focus on continuous improvement in the areas of productivity and quality.

Students majoring in the Industrial Technology choose one of three concentration areas of study from a selection which includes: Manufacturing Systems and Processed, Sustainable Power and Transportation Technologies, and Operations and Supply Chain Management.  Students who take approved 15 units of operations and supply chain management courses will lead to a minor in Operations and Supply Chain Management

Each of these concentrations of study within the major prepares you so that you can contribute almost immediately as an Industrial Technologist, a person who applies and manages technology in today's high-tech environment.


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