Sponsoring a Project

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Capstone Senior Design Project | Guidelines and Project Submission

1. Scope

a. The project should solve a specific need for a company.
b. Mechanical and Electrical Engineering projects should involve design, modeling and analytical prototyping.
c. Computer Science Projects may be purely software oriented; software projects requiring 2 or more disciplines to successfully execute are encouraged.
d. Civil Engineering projects should involve large-scale civil infrastructure suitable for a large team of students

Projects should not be classified or highly proprietary. If required, students/faculty will sign a
nondisclosure agreement. Students should be able to publicly present their work with the mutual
agreement of the company.

2. Timeline

A project should be assigned with  a development cycle of two semesters (9 months) with the following project planning timeline:

  • Project commitment: March-May
  • Project definition:  May-August
  • Project execution:  August-May with design reviews end of the first semester.

3. Personnel

a. A Team of 3-4 student s will be responsible for the success of the project.
b. Each team will be coached by experienced engineering faculty member.
c. The Executive Sponsor is responsible for ensuring that corporate commitment and funding is delivered on time and that an appropriate Project Technical Liaison is assigned.
d. The Project Technical Liaison provides 1-2 hours per week for weekly updates and meetings/teleconferencing. The liaison should be knowledgeable about the technology and committed to the success of the student team.

4. Funding Arrangement

a. Full funding for a single project is $12,000 per year.
b. Funding can be arranged as either a philanthropic grant, a contract, or via and ECST Affiliate agreement; these mechanisms have differing overhead costs.

Please contact Michael Thorburn mthorbu@calstatela.edu or Ted Nye tnye@calstatela.edu for additional information or download a Capstone Senior Design Project Guidelines and Submission Sheet.