Degree Requirements (30 units)

A total of 30-semester units are required, of which at least half must be 500-level (graduate) courses. A minimum 3.0 grade point average is required. Completion of the program requires passing the Writing Proficiency Examination, if not passed as a requirement for the B.S. degree, and writing an acceptable thesis or completion of a comprehensive examination. Students should consult the CSULA General Catalog for further information.

The advice and approval of the mechanical engineering graduate adviser must be obtained before enrolling in any course. ME 409 is required of all students who have not already completed this course.

Area of Specialization (15 - 30 units)

Students must choose in advance a group of courses that fulfills their objectives. Approval of adviser and department chair is required. Suggested groupings of courses that cover programs in thermo-fluid systems design and mechanical systems design are available from the department office.

Electives (0 - 15 units)

Select from 400 and 500-level courses in engineering or related fields, with adviser approval.

Comprehensive Examination or Thesis (0, 4 units)


U.S. Department of Education Gainful Employment Disclosure Program: Manufacturing
Occupations that this certificate program prepares students to enter: -Manufacturing Engineers; SOC Code 17-2199.04;
On-time graduation rate for students completing this program: No completions by non-degree seeking students in 2009-10
Costs of Attendance for the entire normal duration (four quarters, at two courses per quarter) of this certificate program: Tuition and Fees: $7,435          Books and Supplies: $2,184
Median loan debt incurred by students who completed this certificate program: N/A
The job placement rate for students completing the program: Data not available.