Prerequisite Waiver

Beginning Fall 2018, all ME courses require a C or better in all prerequisites for the course.  Some courses (ME 2010, ME 2050, ME 2070, ME 3030, ME 3060, ME 3200, and ME 3261) already require a C or better in all prerequisites. For all of the other courses for which this is a new requirement, you will only be held to the C or better requirement for courses taken Fall 2017 or later.  However, GET will hold you to the C or better requirement.

Use this form for request a prerequisite waiver for ME courses that newly require a C or better grade in all prerequisites effective Fall 2018 but where you took the prerequisite prior to Fall 2017 and received lower than a C (you must have passed the course to request for a waiver).  Only submit requests for courses you are currently trying to register for. 
 You may request prerequisite waivers for up to three courses on one form.


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