Q2SA PLANNING Guide for Computer Science Majors


  • Every student must have an ongoing plan to complete the remaining requirements for a B.S in Computer Science.
  • The requirements are slightly different in the existing QUARTER system  linkwhen compared to the looming SEMESTER system link.
  • Checkout the semester system Flowchart link, Roadmap link, and Undergraduate_Student_Handbooklink as you plan out the requirements.
  • As a student, one has to determine whether to stay in the QUARTER system requirements or switch to the new SEMESTER system requirements to complete the remaining requirements for the B.S in Computer Science.
  • The requirements (Quarter or Semester) have predefined courses and there is a mapping link between the courses between the two systems. Note the following;
    • A student can stay with the Quarter system requirements and graduate after the conversion (post Fall 2016) by taking any remaining course requirements that are offered in Semester system.
    • A student can also switch over to the Semester requirements and all the Quarter courses completed will be transferred as Semester courses.
    • It is possible to have different catalog requirements for University requirements (GE) and major requirements. i.e., a student can stay with the current quarter University/GE requirements and still change over to the new Semester requirements.
  • Students will be sent out an email to attend a workshop/clinic conducted by faculty, staff, and peer advisors. From a student standpoint, it should be as easy as 1-2-3.

1 Requirements: Determine whether you will follow the current quarter system requirements or the new semester system requirements. link

2IAP: Create an Individualized Advisement Plan (IAP) to indicate all the remaining requirements that will be completed in what particular terms. link

3Graduate: Get the IAP approved by the Advisor and follow the plan to graduation. Consult with the Advisor periodically if any changes accrue. link