Common Management System (CMS) Updates

Common Financial System (CFS)

The Cal State L.A. CMS Financial System was converted to the Common Financial System in  July 2011 as part of the Chancellor's Office project to consolidate system wide financial systems into one common system.  This project eliminated redundant campus-based financial system modifications, improved campus baseline functionality and created a single database to manage financial records for the CSU.  The campus is now operating on a shared system with all 23 campuses and the Chancellor's Office.

CFS was subsequently upgraded from version 9.0 to 9.2 in April, 2014.  This was a major system upgrade to both the underlying software that runs PeopleSoft, as well as the application version.

Campus Solutions (CS)

This system, also known as Student Administration (SA) or GET/GETLA, was upgraded to version 9.0 in December 2011.  The upgrade added new and improved functionality to several modules including;  Admissions, Student Records, Student Financials and Financial Aid.

Human Resources (HR)

This system has rolled out new modules including; Absence Management, Benefits Administration, Candidate Gateway and Employee Self-Service.  Enhancements and fixes are continuously implemented to improve the functionality, performance, and to provide the campus with a quality tool that facilitates daily HR operations.


PeopleTools is the foundation upon which the PeopleSoft applications for the above systems are built.  In December, 2015, PeopleTools was upgraded to version 8.54.  This was a significant upgrade that will keep us current and provide the framework for future functionality.