Student FAQ

As a student, how do I benefit from using Turnitin?

Cal State LA, its students, faculty, and staff strive to create an academic environment focused on scholarly research, teaching and learning. Academic dishonesty in the form of plagiarism threatens to undermine this focus. Turnitin helps to ensure a higher degree of academic integrity at Cal State LA by flagging potential plagiarism in student submissions.

Writing is a process and takes concerted effort and time to master. As a student, you may still be perfecting your writing skills. Your instructor may ask you to submit a draft of your paper so that you may see areas that need attention, such as incorrectly cited sources or misuse of quoted material.  

How is my privacy protected when using Turnitin?

Cal State LA and any third party service the university contracts with must comply with regulations set forth in the Family Educational Right and Privacy Act (FERPA).

For more information on Turnitin FERPA compliance, please visit the Turnitin Legal FAQs page.

If you are still concerned about your privacy, you may submit your paper without any identifying information or ask that your instructor submit your paper to the system without any identifying information.

How does submitting my paper to Turnitin affect my copyright?

As a student using Turnitin, you retain the copyright to papers you submit to Turnitin. As part of the Turnitin user agreement, a copy of your paper is archived in the Turnitin database. This helps to strengthen the Turnitin plagiarism prevention system, and ensures no one is able to steal and submit your paper in the future.

For more information on copyright issues related to Turnitin, please visit the Turnitin Legal FAQs page.

Where can I find more information on Turnitin?

For more information on Turnitin, please visit the Turnitin Legal FAQs page.