About CETL

The Center for Effective Teaching and Learning promotes teaching as an area of practice. The CSU is based upon the teacher-scholar model. CETL consults with Cal State L.A. faculty who want to broaden their teaching and participate in the scholarship of teaching and learning. By growing a teaching culture on campus we hope to increase the quality of student learning.

CETL professional development opportunities include faculty learning communities (FLCs); professional development for chairs; Course Redesign Institutes for departments; one-on-one coaching and technology support; and training workshops for instructional technologies, including the campus learning management system, Canvas. We encourage all faculty to email us at cetl@calstatela.edu

The CETL Main Offices are located in Fine Arts 138. The CETL Annex is located at Library Palmer Wing Room 3074.


CETL provides faculty at all stages in their careers with a range of professional development services supporting teaching and scholarship.

Faculty interested in feedback are encouraged to arrange a consultation. Services may include, but are not limited to:

  • RTP Mentorship
  • Faculty writing groups
  • Informal teaching observations
  • Syllabus development (PDF) and course design (See Also the Faculty Handbook, Chapter 5 "Instructional Policies " on the syllabus).
  • Assessment
  • Concerns related to course management and/or classroom dynamics

Consultations are confidential and voluntary. Email Director Catherine Haras at charas@calstatela.edu to schedule a consultation.


An Advisory Board comprised of eight members serves as a review body for the Center’s grants, and advises on Center activities and initiatives. The Board consists of six faculty (one representative from each of the six Colleges and the Library), an administrative member (from the Honors College), and the CETL Director. The Advisory Board also serves as the Fall Faculty Day planning committee.

2013-2014 Advisory Board members are:

  • Dr. Emily Moss (A&L)
  • Dr. Carol Blaszczynski, Management (B&E)
  • Dr. Holly Menzies, Special Ed (CCOE)
  • Dr. Nancy Warter-Perez, Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECST)
  • Dr. Christine Dy, Kinesiology and Nutritional Science (HHS)
  • Dr. Andre Ellis, Geological Sciences (NSS)
  • Ms. Deborah Schaeffer, Library
  • Dr. Michelle Hawley, Director (Honors College), non-voting ex-officio member

CETL Staff

Catherine (Cat) Haras
Senior Director of the Center for Effective Teaching and Learning
(323) 343 - 5607; charas@calstatela.edu

Beverly Bondad-Brown, Ph.D.
Director of Academic Technology
(323) 343 - 5444; bbondad@calstatela.edu

Flavio Argueta
Instructional Design Support Specialist/LMS Specialist/Lab Manager
(323) 343 - 6593; farguet@calstatela.edu

Jeff Suarez-Grant
Instructional Designer
(323) 343 - 6597; jsuare23@calstatela.edu

Owynn Lancaster
Instructional Designer
(323) 343 - 6595; Owynn.Lancaster3@calstatela.edu

Lauren Brady
Instructional Designer
(323) 343 - 6596; lbrady@calstatela.edu

Naat Jairam
Instructional Designer
(323) 343 - 6594; njairam@calstatela.edu

Henry Acevedo
LMS Specialist
(323) 343 - 6598; haceved5@calstatela.edu