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  • Portia Jackson Preston Quality Matters Certified Course
  • Paul Narguizian Quality Matters Certified Course
  • Ashley Munger Quality Matters Certified Course
  • Tye Jackson Quality Matters Certified Course
  • Inclusive Pedagody
  • Quality Hybrid and Online Course Design
  • CETL recognized in ACE white paper.
  • Reflections on Teaching
  • The Teaching Project
  • Mandy Hillstrom Quality Matters Certified Course
  • Course Redesign for Student Success Program
  • CETL's Semester Tips and Tricks
  • Winter 2016 Two Day Active Learning Workshop
  • CETL Clickers Tips and Tricks
  • Flexible Learning Classroom Spaces
  • ACUE Pilot
  • Faculty align their assignments and activities with course objectives.
  • Institute members collaboratively redesign course goals.
  • Faculty from across the CSU gather to share at the 18th Annual CSU Symposium.
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