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 Writing Support Office

Physical Sciences 512

(323) 343-2315

What We Do:
We will help you with writing assignments for classes, theses, statements of purpose and other applications materials, GRE essays, or anything else you can think of. We are happy to help you with writing in the humanities as well as the sciences. Our goal is to help you improve the content and structure of your writing, not just to proofread. Appointments typically last one hour. The best way to set up an appointment is to email or call us, but you are also welcome to drop in (see below for hours). We hope to see you soon!

Location: We are currently next to the MORE Programs office in Physical Sciences 512.


Hours Hours change every quarter.

Ximena Hernandez Mon-Thu: 4-6, by appointment only Friday: 10-5, by appointment only

Kate Yandell Tue-Fri: 12-5, appointments encouraged but drop-ins welcome

Contact us to make an appointment:

Ximena: xhernan@calstatela.edu
Kate: kate.yandell@gmail.com
Phone: (323) 343-2315

writing support hoursLending Library


We now have the following titles available to interested students in the MORE Programs. Titles range from grammar handbooks, stylebooks, to GRE preparation. We will lend up to three books for three weeks at a time. See Hugh or Erika for details in Physical Science 512.
2 Grammar Power2 Guide to Writing College Papers
1 Power Series
3 Word Power
2 Writing Power
1 Critical Thinking About Research: Psychology
1 GRE Biology
2 GRE Verbal Workbook
1 GRE with CD-ROM
1 Graduate School Admissions Adviser
1 Higher Score on the GRE, GMAT, LSAT - Deluxe Edition
1 Mastering APA Style: A Student Handbook
1 Presenting Your Findings

Titles will continually be added.