Center for Effective Teaching and Learning

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Center for Effective Teaching and Learning

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The center provides the following support for all faculty:

Organization for Instruction

Assistance in the development of course organization, course syllabi, instructional strategies, and assessment and evaluation alternatives are available

Resources and Reference Materials

Texts and video tapes on instructionally related topics can be checked out by all faculty members.

Instructional Technique

Assistance in the development of assessment and evaluation instruments and guidelines for their use, as well as assistance in the evaluation of externally-funded research in the areas of teaching and learning, if available.

Use of Technology

Advisement in the use of computers in Cal State L.A. classrooms, training, seminars in the use of advanced instructional technologies, and opportunities to preview new software for classes are provide by the Faculty Instructional Technology Support Center (FITSC).

In addition to individual interaction, the following activities occur:

Workshops and Seminars

Through CETL, workshops and seminars are provided throughout the academic year. These activities deal with topics designed to help faculty members become more effective in their instructional methods and help theirs students as learners.

Newsletter Publication

CETL "Newsletter" is published for campus-wide distribution. It contains effective classroom strategies and information relevant to the improvement of instruction and assessment.