Adding XML (DFXP) Caption File to Flash: Working with with Flash 8

Adding XML (DFXP) Caption File to Flash: Working with with Flash 8

You will need the XML caption file and a flash video file. If you have not converted your video into a Flash video file (*.flv), below are the steps to do so:

To convert to FLV:

  1. Open Flash Video Encoder.
  2. Click the Add button.
  3. Locate file and click the Open button.
  4. Settings are set to Medium quality by default, change if desired.
  5. Click the Start queue button. Once the encoding is completed the FLV will be in the same directory the original file was located.

CC for Flash component must be installed. Download the CC for Flash v3.0.1 package located on the NCAM website. Extract files and find CCforFlash_301.mxp. Double click and installation procedures will begin.

Getting Started

  1. Open a new Flash document, and be sure to choose the ActionScript 2.0 document choice in the Start panel and set document width to 325 and height to 270.

  2. When Flash opens, select Window -> Components to open the Components panel, and drag a copy of the MediaPlayBack and CCforFlash components from the panel to the stage. The captioning component won’t be visible at run time, so feel free to drag it onto the pasteboard. Save file into the same folder your caption and video files are located.

    Components panel

  3. Select Window -> Component Inspector to open the Component Inspector panel, and select the MediaPlayBack component on the stage and click the Parameters tab in the Component Inspector. Under URL textfield, type in the name of your flv file and change Control Visibility to On.

  4. Component Inspector panel for MediaPlayBack

  5. Open the Property Inspector (Ctrl+F3) and select the MediaPlayBack component once more. Click on the <Instance Name> and type in _videoObject.

  6. To change component to fit our video size, we will change width to 325 and height to 310 as shown below.

    Component Inspector panel for FLVPLayback

  7. Select the CCforFlash component and give it the instance of _captionObject.

  8. Select the CCforFlash component on the stage, and click on the Parameters in the Component Inspector. Use these parameters:

    • 1. Object type to sync to : Any Flash Video Component
    • 2. Object name and path : _videoObject
    • 5. Caption filename : news6401.dfxp.xml (change to your filename)
    • 11. Background color : #FFFFFF
    • 12. Caption text color #000000

    Component Inspector panel for Captioning

  9. Save and test the movie.

Visit Manual Check page.