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Master of Fine Arts Degree in Television, Film and Theatre

The CSULA MFA in Television, Film and Theatre is a three year, terminal degree program that prepares students for diverse professional and academic programs. In particular, the CSULA MFA in TVFT prepares students for careers in acting, production, and writing in the television, film and theatre industries. The MFA, along with extensive professional experience, also prepares students to teach in these fields.


The CSULA MFA in Television, Film and Theatre offers three formal options:

  • Option l: Acting: Students in this option have the opportunity to perform in numerous venues prior to completing their degree. The Acting Option includes classes and workshops in performance theory, performance history, theories of acting for the stage, television and film; as well as courses designed to inform students of current industry practices and procedures.
  • Option 2: Production: This option includes classes, and practicum in all related media through all stages of production. Students in the Production Option benefit from visiting guest artists, from a Film/Television and Theatre faculty who continue to work in their professions, and from regularly scheduled screenings, speakers, demos, events, or staged productions.
  • Option 3: Writing: Students in this option have the opportunity to write across television, film, and stage. In collaboration with students in the Acting and Production Options, students in the Writing option will engage in the full scope of television, film and stage production as it relates to the art and craft of writing. Also in collaboration with students in the Acting and Production Options, students in the Writing Option have the opportunity to see their works produced in a theatrical/television/film format.

Option Requirements: The graduate program consists of a total of 67 units, with 34 units in core courses and at least 33 units in one of the three options. Students must meet the requirements of the designated option. Graduate advisors must be consulted regarding specific option requirements.

The MFA in Television Film and Theatre has the following objectives:

• To establish and foster a unique, interdisciplinary approach to production, acting and writing;
• To prepare students for careers in production, acting and writing by emphasizing technical proficiency and creative artistry within and across television, film and theatre;
• To provide students in acting, production and writing career options with the intellectual and historical backgrounds central to their development as media artists and scholars;
• To provide the technical and academic expertise essential to prepare future professionals and faculty in this terminal degree program;
• To provide CSULA’s uniquely diverse student body with opportunities for advanced coursework in production, acting and writing.

Applications for Fall 2018 are now closed. Please check back in Mid-October for applications for Fall 2019.  

Final interviews are now taking place through March 9.  Notifications will be sent out around March 15. 

Questions: email or call (323)-343-4110