MA Program Options

The Sociology MA Program


The MA Program in Sociology emphasizes the pre-professional approach to the discipline. This is reflected in the MA Program Student Learning Outcomes, the culminating project options, and the Department Mission. The 30-unit Sociology MA Degree Program features a strong core in research and theory, flexibility in the elective area focus, and numerous pre-professional enrichment opportunities. We have a history of seeing our student cohorts move successfully into PhD Programs, academic positions, community program work, and other relevant jobs. 

The Department is proud of mentoring students through high-impact learning experiences, such as conference participation and research collaborations. Many of our students have presented their work in a number of professional venues. Click here for recent examples of student presentations and publications.  


Chair, MA Program Director & MA Students Awarded for Original Research

Upper left to right: Dr. Giarrusso (Department Chair), Erik Blanco, Aditi Sapra, and Aaron Ledesma. Lower left to right: Daniel Okamura, Dr. Bodinger-deUriarte (MA Program Director), and Sasha Santhoff. Five of our MA students honored at the 2015 Annual Graduate Student Recognition Reception.

MA Program Options

There are three options. The program forms for each option are listed below. Each MA Program Option involves a different culminating project, through which the MA candidates demonstrate mastery of the field. Each option has a dedicated Moodle site explaining each step and providing preparation help to students. Click on the blue text to link to the program forms and the informational Moodle sites:

  • Thesis Option A; for more information see the Moodle site Sociology Thesis Prep
  • Comprehensive Exams Option B; for more information see the Moodle site Sociology COMPS Prep
  • Portfolio Option C; for more information see the Moodle site Sociology Portfolio Prep

These Moodle sites are not attached to courses, so they are available during any term for all registered students. Scroll down to window to type in the above titles on the Moodle course search page.

Student Presenters Pacific Sociological Association

Student Presenters Pacific Sociological Association

Admission Information

Interested in our MA Program? Our Admission Criteria do not include the GRE and you do not have to supply the Sociology Department with any materials aside from those provided to Graduate Admissions. The application process is online through CSU Mentor. Any additional questions can be addressed to the MA Program Director, Cristina Bodinger-deUriarte (Professor Cristina) email: