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California State University Los Angeles offers a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. There are four different options designed to focus coursework in particular areas of sociology, to allow for more in-depth study of that area. However, a standard set of required core sociology program courses across all four options ensures that those who successfully complete a BA degree in Sociology at Cal State LA, will have achieved the expected set of sociology undergraduate program learning outcomes. Click on the individual Sociology BA Program Options below to view the program planning form and to receive detailed information for each option. Each of the four options provides majors with the opportunity to participate in the Honors Program. Honors Program criteria vary by option, and are explained on the individual program forms.

Sociology BA Degree Program Options

General Sociology Option

Sociology is the scientific study of the changing groups and institutions shaping human experience throughout people’s lives. It is a social science that links all studies of humankind, including communications, economics, history, and psychology. The General Option is the Sociology BA Degree that allows majors to explore this range most broadly. 


Inequalities and Diversity Option

The Inequalities and Diversity Option is the Sociology BA Degree that allows students to include, in their sociology program, a limited number of courses from other relevant programs such as: Asian and Asian American Studies, Chicano/a and Latino/a Studies, Latin American Studies, and Pan African Studies. This option provides a broad understanding of inequality and diversity at all levels of interpersonal, institutional and global processes. 


Law and Society Option

The Law and Society Option is the Sociology BA Degree that emphasizes how social forces influence the legal system, and how the law affects society. Critical social and scientific issues concerning law and legal institutions are examined from a sociological perspective. With prior advisor approval, some law-related coursework from other departments is allowed to count toward the degree.


Social Gerontology Option

The Social Gerontology Option is the Sociology BA Degree that focuses on the importance of human experience at different ages, with particular emphasis on the later adult years. Gerontology considers the social psychological aspects of human development, as well as the impact of changing interactions and institutional settings throughout people’s lives. It is a social science that studies communications, economics, history, and psychology, as well as social groups and institutions, through the lens of age.

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