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Sociology Focus 

Sociology is the study of social behavior, social interaction, social institutions, and social structure. Sociology is a social science involving the study of the social lives of people and groups, in all social contexts. This ranges from momentary contact with strangers on the street, through regular interactions in familiar settings, to the study of global processes.  Sociology is the scientific study of the changing groups and institutions shaping human experience throughout people’s lives. It is a social science that links all studies of humankind, including communications, economics, history, and psychology. 

Sociology Programs

Our department offers a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts in Sociology. We also offer three Minor Programs for those not majoring in sociology. Click on the menu links below for more information on these programs.

BA Degree  in Sociology 

Sociology Minors 

Sociology MA Degree 

Culminating Project Options

General Option General Sociology Thesis, Option A

Inequalities and Diversity Option

Law and Society

Comprehensive Exams, Option B
Law and Society Option Social Gerontology Portfolio, Option C
Social Gerontology Option  




Community Engagement

Many of our students are actively involved in social and community programs on and off campus. The Department offers opportunities for students to work with faculty mentors and earn credit through internships. A limited number of internship credits may be used toward the Sociology BA or MA degree program.

At the BA Program level, students may do research with a mentor professor (SOC 4990) or intern at an organization (UNIV 3980) or take the SOC 4050 course which includes internship or community engagement experiences.

At the MA Program level, students may do research assistantships with a professor (SOC 5980), or internships with an organization (SOC 5970) for credit. There are very few paid Teaching Assistantships at CSULA, MA students may choose to do Teaching Internships for experience and credit (SOC 5940 or SOC 5941) with a mentor professor.  MA students who want to become Community College or University Instructors should also plan to take the SOC 5930 course on Teaching at the College Level.

The Sociology Department also formally recognizes those students who have made exceptional contributions in this way. Recently sociology students won Service to the Community Awards for their work with organizations such as: 1736 Family Crisis Center; A Place Called Home; Behavior Respite in Action ; Better Learning for All Students Today (BLAST); Children’s Institute; Crysalis; Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services Suicide-Prevention Center; Downtown Women’s Center; East Los Angeles Women’s Center; Free Arts Courthouse Programs ; Lake Avenue Church; Los Angeles Police Department; Project NEO; R. D. White Elementary School; S.O.B.E.R. International;  St. Francis Center; Thomas Edison Elementary School and Volunteers of America, Los Angeles (VOALA).

Many of our faculty actively work on and off campus with diverse populations in our communities, and with at risk populations such as incarcerated and formerly incarcerated persons. For example, Dr. Kim is the Director of the Center for Korean American and Korean Studies, and also arranges more casual events such as the Taste of Korea to bring local families and students together on campus.  Dr. Weide has established CSULA as the most recently approved Project Rebound campus.

The Sociology Club

Sociology Club Officers 2016-17

 The Sociology Club is an official student organization and holds multiple events every term. Some  examples include: Locating Internships, Resume Building, Student-Professor Meet and Greet, and various i  informational events on applying to further educational programs. Dr. Giarrusso is the faculty mentor. Click to  download Sociology Club Membership Form.

 The Sociology Club MissionTo promote a positive academic attitude and provide an atmosphere conducive to  learning and growth by emphasizing the critical importance of scholarship, networking, and community  involvement. To establish academic programs to encourage and assist members in pursuing higher education,  offering opportunities for internships, as well as encouraging students to work closely with faculty and staff to  establish and cultivate mentor relationships. Provide mentorship and friendship while attending various events  around Los Angeles that serve as forums for debate, discussion, and the stimulation of interest in the issues,  events, developments, and trends concerning sociology.  

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Jobs Held by Cal State Los Angeles Department of Sociology Alumni.

Graduates of our programs have gone on to careers in an array of fields. According to the Sociology Department’s last two sociology “recent alumni” surveys, alumni reported working in the following areas (for specific examples, click on blue): social services and agencies (24%); instruction and education-related (17%); legal issues-related (15%); organizations and labor-related (15%); counseling (12%); research (6%); and other discipline-related work (5%)

Our most notable alumni include: Maxine Waters, US Congresswoman, Rosario Marin, Former US. Treasurer, and Stuart K. Spencer, Political Consultant for Presidents and Governors.

Sociology Students Promoting Community Involvement

  Department Mission

 The primary mission of the Sociology  Department  is to provide students with  sociological  perspectives and sociological  techniques  of  inquiry designed to enhance  their intellectual,  personal, and  occupational  lives.Part of this  mission is to offer academic  programs  appropriate  for students  with a  wide variety of  backgrounds in order to  address the diverse  needs for higher  education in our  community,  and to provide  courses that are designed to  enhance individual  student understanding of  interactive, institutional, and macro-level  aspects of our diverse world. A further aspect of the mission  is to  provide opportunities for students to connect sociological  understandings to community  experience and to enhance such  understandings through service to the community. The Department  mission includes the encouragement of  faculty engagement  in instruction, curricular development,  professional activity, and  governance in order to promote a strong teaching and  learning  environment.

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