2050 Huntington Dr.

San Marino, CA 91108

(626) 943-7772

Contact person: Terri Peng Volunteer

E-mail contact persons:

Contact hours: Monday thru Friday 9am to 5pm.

Services or activities: Provides behavioral treatment for children with mental health problems or learning disabilities. Provides consultation in home and school settings for children. Volunteers may be assigned to assist therapists in conducting these behavioral treatment programs.

Population served: Ages 2-20. Disabled Children diagnosed with autism, down-syndrome. Multi-ethnic setting.

Length of minimum commitment: At least 8 weeks

Hours per week: 2-5, flexible (evening and weekend hours available)

Formal training program: Yes, total training hours may go up to 22 hours, however, orientation only takes one hour.  Training is offered once a month on specific days.

Personal qualities of volunteers: Patience. Students who are interested in working with children with disabilities.

Required skills/qualities: No

Additional requirements:  

Direct supervision: Yes, volunteer will receive direct supervision for an hour a week.

Supervision entails: Supervisor will assess and evaluate volunteer's work.

Additional comments: None.



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