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The Looking Glass

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Joseph Antonio

The Psychology Department at California State University, Los Angeles is saddened though happy to see that Greg Harmeling, the former director of the Academic Advisement Center, is graduating at the end of the 1996 Spring Quarter. Greg was the director of the Advisement Center for the last three years under the supervision of Dr. Wapner.

As the director, Greg spent many long hours in addition to his studies helping undergraduates become adjusted to the CSLA campus. He did this by acquainting the students with the Psychology Department and CSLA requirements needed in order to gain a Bachelors Degree. This position requires the utmost dedication and responsibility since it is the first place that many incoming students get their first look at the department and decide whether or not they wish to become a part of it. Greg handled this very well and was respected by many members of the Psychology Department. Many of the students who came to him for advisement regarded him highly, and appreciated the time and effort he extended them.

Over the years Greg was responsible for making sure that the office was thoroughly run and adequately staffed every quarter, which wasn't always an easy task. Those of us at the Psychology Department would like to express our thanks, even though it may not be enough for the services he has rendered to the Department. We thank him anyway, for his service and dedication through the years to our Department and CSLA. We will miss Greg, but his work will be continued in the same professional manner and style that Greg used to run it.

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