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This word does not exist but probably should in our academic world. Tenuritus can be simply described as a disease that occurs when a professor receives "tenure." To put it simply, it is when a professor works very hard to get tenure and when he or she does something happens. The strive and strength for publishing diminishes. They spend less time with their students. Their office hours decrease and sometimes reaching the professor seems to be impossible.

I am not speaking solely from my own personal experience but also from other students around that see this happening. This short article was not written to bash our faculty because I do see a few professors working tirelessly with their students. This article is for all of you students who are thinking of becoming teachers. It is just a "wake-up call" to let you know that the future of our society, let alone our department's reputation, could go down if we don't do anything about it.

What I suggest is for each one of you to challenge your professor, inundate them with all your questions pertaining to the subject matter. Let them know that you want to squeeze from them all the knowledge they have. This is so that when you grow older and teach, you will not only relay what was taught to you but you will be living in an academic world "tenuritus" free.

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