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The Looking Glass

The Department of Psychology


Cindy Lou Cantu, Vice-President

The Psychology Association is pleased to announce its 40th Anniversary. The Psychology Association was established in 1956 at California State University, Los Angeles. Along with Psi Chi we will celebrate the Psychology Association's anniversary at the annual banquet held in April.

The Psychology Association was originally named the Psychology Club but was later changed to exude professionalism from the student body. Both organizations, Psi Chi and the Psychology Association, strive for academic success, peer support, and better relations with the faculty and staff.

Our current goal is to increase the membership of the Psychology Association. However, this quarter the Psychology Association has witnessed an influx of students joining. Individuals joining Psi Chi are immediately recognized as members of the Psychology Association.

However, I would like to urge individuals who are not members of Psi Chi to join the Psychology Association. Criteria to join Psi Chi does not apply to the Psychology Association. Membership in the Psychology Association is open to all psychology students. We urge students though, to join us at our meetings. We have tailored our meetings to accommodate the busy schedules of our students. The meetings last approximately 10 to 15 minutes, in order to allow time for students to go to their classes. Every quarter we will post the meeting time.

Again, we hope to see everyone at the meetings. If you have any questions about the Psychology Association please feel free to contact me at or drop a note at the Psychology Department and I will contact you.

Cindy Lou Cantu
Vice-President of Psi Chi and the Psychology Association


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