The Looking Glass

The Looking Glass


Carol Soudah

On behalf of our local chapter of Psi Chi, "The National Honor Society in Psychology," I would like to take this opportunity to extend a heartfelt greeting to all new, transfer, and continuing psychology students. It is at this occasion that I would like to convey to all the students and faculty about the array of opportunities and resources available, with the assistance of Psi Chi, to all of us in the Psychology Department. We are privileged enough to have at our disposal numerous benefits that help make our experience here a resourceful and advantageous one.

Due to the overwhelming interest and questions asked of me in regards to the status and endeavors of Psi Chi, it is my duty to present a few of the many goals we hope to accomplish in the upcoming year. Our aim as a student organization is two-fold: To maintain and encourage academic excellence through awareness of current research, research opportunities, doctorate programs, scholarships, upcoming conventions/conferences and to foster a friendly and cooperative atmosphere that establishes cohesion among the psychology students as well as faculty and staff.

Psi Chi membership is for life, and requires a one-time fee and a GPA minimum. It is the only recognized organization granted to students only. Members enjoy privileges such as taking part in local, regional, and national events, presenting research at conferences and conventions, meeting leading psychologists in the field, receiving discount rates to events, and receiving national recognition honored by all graduate programs across the country.

It is the agreement of Psi Chi and its officers that quality education and advancement is better enhanced when accompanied with a climate conducive of peer support. With your support, we will advocate study groups, social events, and other peer gatherings as they become necessarily helpful or requested by the majority. All we need to do is organize.

Additionally, throughout the school year, we hope to invite guest speakers, including those professionals from our own department, to lecture on diverse topics. I encourage students, and especially faculty members, to let us know of a particular lecturer they want to invite so that we can prepare the Psychology Library, or a larger room in the Student Union, if necessary. Furthermore, for those who are not aware, the Psychology Library, located in KH D3071, is a place welcome to all psychology students and faculty, providing a place for quiet study and a meeting site. Everyone is invited to utilize it as long as a class or faculty meeting is not in session. In addition, we look forward to opening a newly decorated lounge for student use.

Please feel free to approach me with any ideas, concerns, or questions regarding anything pertaining to the welfare of Psi Chi and the students it serves. The Psi Chi office is located in D3071-B. General meetings are held every Thursday at 1:00 p.m. in the Psychology Library (D3071) and are opened to all psychology students, regardless of membership status.

This is an organization run by students, for students, in the interest of the Psychology Department as a whole. I cannot emphasize enough the important role psychology students and faculty play in strengthening Psi Chi and the Department. On behalf of myself, Cindy, Trinh, and Eddy, thank you for your interest and we hope to see you at the next meeting.

Carol Soudah


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