The Looking Glass

The Looking Glass

The Department of Psychology


Dr. David Perrott

I was given clear instructions from the editor that I could write about anything, (a dangerous degree of freedom for me) however, let's keep things on a positive note...Hummm. Well it is a pleasure to see the Looking Glass out of the closet - once again.

Did you know that Susan McCloud (now Mrs. Susan Gibson), one of the past Psi Chi Presidents (back in the era before computer hard drives were common) invented the notion of a student-faculty-staff-alumni departmental newsletter and set about to make it a reality. I might add, against my strong objection...I thought it was simply impractical. And I was right! But, in the following year, the new Psi Chi President, a woman of awesome energy and drive, one Ms. Sybille Guy, proved me dead wrong (as I remember she did that often) and made Sue's raw idea a reality. With the most minimal resources, she created Volume I, Issue I. To put it in perspective, the initial draft of my first column was written on a yellow legal sized tablet. Gads! The dark ages.

I guess the point of all of this is that most of the current generation of students and younger faculty have little or no awareness of the students-faculty-staff who have come before, yet we are all, in no small part, served by those earlier efforts. What I would really like to see is that the born-again Looking Glass set aside some room and some resources for our alumni. It would require a lot of effort. Our alumni address list is all but non-existent (and the University's list is even poorer). Maybe we'll have to treat the current generation of members within our community as ground zero. In effect, we might start by building a pre-alumni mailing list and a 1996 Alumni Officer (to be elected for life). Trust me, the department would love to be able to locate alumni the next time the University initiates a program review. An active and effective alumni program could serve the Looking Glass well and vice-versa.

And on a final note, I'm offering a $50 reward for whomever can come up with a complete list of the past Psi Chi Presidents (it's worth more of course) and hugs and kisses (OK, I know that's not very motivating) if that list includes current addresses.


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