CSLA:Jerry Tate - Last updated 6/1/1999

CSLA:Jerry Tate - Last updated 6/1/1999

School of Natural and Social Sciences
Department of Psychology

Jerry Tate
Associate Professor of Psychology
Office: KH C3043
Phone: (213) 343-2257
FAX: (213) 343-2281
Email: jtate@jupiter.calstatela.edu

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I have been at CSULA since 1965 (I can hardly believe it myself!). In the years preceding this I was a research associate at the Laboratory of Aviation Psychology, worked on my Ph.D. at Ohio State University, and had a one year appointment at the University of Montana in Missoula. Although I expect to retire in 1997, I hope to continue to teach one quarter each year until 2001 under the faculty early retirement program.

Teaching Interests

In my first years at this university I taught courses in human factors and man-machine systems, experimental psychology, sensation and perception, and statistics. At a later period I also taught courses in research design and human development. In the most recent years I have concentrated exclusively on teaching the basic statistics courses and my current specialty, multiple regression/correlation analysis. I have written a number of computer programs for analyzing data and demonstrating concepts which are available in the Psychology computer lab. I have a considerable degree of expertise on the SPSS and SYSTAT statistical packages and include some instruction on these programs in my courses.

Research Interests

I have directed masters theses and consulted on doctoral dissertations in many areas of psychology. I am interested in any type of research to which multiple regression/correlation analysis and analysis of variance can be applied, but I tend to be most interested in probjects involving observational data in social, developmental, environmental, and human factors psychology.

Representative Professional Activities

1993 Phinney, J. Chavira, V. & Tate, J. The effect of ethnic threat on ethnic self concept and in-group ratings.Journal of Social Psychology.
1971 Tate, J. D. & Springer, R.S.The effects of memory time on successive judgments.Psychological Bulletin, 76, 394-408.
1996 Tate, J. D. Guide to Multiple Regression/Correlation Analysis. Non-copyrighted manuscript available at the Student Book Mart.
June 1996 Phinney, J., Ferguson, D., and Tate, J. Ethnocentrism, multiculturalism, and intergroup attitudes among ethnic minority adolescents. In review.

Educational Background

Ph.D. Psychology 1965
Ohio State University
Columbus, Ohio

M.A. Psychology 1960
Emory University
Atlanta, Georgia

B.A. Psychology 1958
Memphis, Tennessee

Summer, 1998 Schedule

CourseSect. No.TitleUnitsDay & TimeRoom
NOT ON DUTY THIS QUARTER Mult/Regression Correlation

Office Hours


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