The Center for Multicultural Research


The Center for Multicultural Research is devoted to topics relating to cross-cultural issues in development during adolescence and young adulthood, with a particular emphasis on social relationships, identity, and the acculturation process. Dr. Dennis' "Acculturation in Families Project" is focused on in investigating the ways in which young people maintain healthy relationships with their family while seeking to create their own identity, friendships, and romantic relationships as they enter adulthood. Through focus group interviews and surveys, we have found that young people from immigrant families may experience differences in expectations with their parents and that these differences can pose challenges to personal and family well-being. Recent projects in the lab have focused on topics such as the role of family vs. peers in the promotion of bicultural competence and the importance of family support for college achievement.


Lab DirectorJessica Dennis

Dr. Jessica Dennis received her Ph.D. in developmental psychology from the University of California, Riverside. She has been a member of the Psychology Department at California State University, Los Angeles since 2005. She is currently an associate professor who teaches classes in developmental psychology, multicultural psychology, and research methods.  She also serves as a departmental advisor and the director of the M.A. in Psychology program.


Current Members

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To find out more about the Multicultural Research Center or if you are interested in joining our research team please contact:

Dr. Jessica Dennis
Department of Psychology
King Hall C3062
(323) 343-2276


Completed Master's Projects from the Center

  • Christinalee Houseman (Winter 2014) “Predictors of Attitudes towards Homosexuality among Latino Young Adults”
  • Ana Fonseca (Spring 2014). “Explaining Academic Resiliency in Higher Education: The Effects of Family Support on Latino Young Adults Academic Achievement
  • Phoebe Lee (Spring 2014). “The Effects of Intragroup Marginalization on Latino College Students’ Academic Commitment and Self-Esteem”
  • Sibella Salazar (Summer 2013). “American Indian Ethnic Identity”
  • Roxanna Rosen (Spring 2012). The Relationship between Children’s Help-Seeking Behaviors and Parental Involvement among Latino Survivors of Childhood Cancer”
  • Cinthya Ramirez (Fall 2012). “The Role of Support on the Relationship between Stress and Depression”
  • Mijin Park (Spring 2011). “Coping with Intergenerational Conflicts among Asian Americans”
  • Minas Michikyan (Spring 2011). “My Facebook & I: Identity Exploration on Facebook among Emerging Adults”
  • Anita Mihecoby (Spring 2010) "Bicultural Competence among a Latino Community Sample"
  • Anahita Farahmand (Spring 2009) "Perceived Intergenerational Conflicts among Latino and Asian College Students"
  • Veronica Toledo (Spring 2008) "Hispanic/Latino Parental Involvement and their Children's Education: Barriers and Interventions"
  • Veronica Galvez (Summer 2008) "The Impact of Peer Relationships on Academic Achievement in Early Adulthood"
  • Andrea Grassi (Summer 2008) "The Influence of Parental Divorce and Academic Achievement in Early Adulthood"
  • Allison Stradford (Winter 2007). “Risky Teen Internet Behaviors and Parental Monitoring