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Lawson Bush
Nana Lawson Bush, Ph.D.
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Nana Lawson Bush, V, Ph.D. is a Professor of Educational Leadership and Administration at California State University, Los Angeles. In addition to his book, Can Black Mothers Raise Our Sons? and recently released book and workbook co-authored with his brother Dr. Edward Bush and others entitled The Plan: A Guide for Women Raising African American Boys from Conception to College and The Plan Workbook, he has published over 30 articles addressing African American educational history, African-centered education, school desegregation, and Black male schooling and developmental issues. He has recently co-published the first ever comprehensive theory concerning Black boys and men called African American Male Theory (AAMT). His aforementioned research foci situate him as the leading expert on the relationship between Black mothers and their sons and the development of Independent Black Institutions (IBIs) in the United States.

Augmenting his work in the academy, he is also the author of the widely used “African Educator’s Declaration” and a self-help book entitled Today: A Guide Towards a Lifetime of Fulfillment. He has been the founder and director of the following programs and organizations: Imani Saturday Academy, Neighborhood Manhood Development Program, Tehuti Educational Consortium, and the Afrikan-centered Charter School Group. Dr. Bush is also the Co-Founder of the newly launched national I HAVE A PLAN movement ( to register and equip 1 million African American boys and young men (from conception to 24 years of age) with a written PLAN that outlines a clear path for success by the Year 2015! The I HAVE A PLAN Movement also aims to have all institutions and stakeholders, who are committed to the success of African American boys and young men to develop a PLAN that increases their capacity to transform the lives of boys and young men. Lastly, Nana Dr. Bush is a traditional African priest and healer of the Akan priesthood of West Africa.