Graduate Degree Programs

Our Programs:

We currently offer two traditional graduate programs and a program in Environmental Science:

  1.  MS in Geological Sciences (Options in Geology or Environmental Hydrogeology)
  2.  MA Geography
  3. MS in Environmental Science (Options in Envrionmental Hydrology, Environmental Biology, Geospatial Sciences & Environmental Engineering) 

The MS in Geological Sciences is focused on hydrogeology and environmental science. Students receive both the theoretical and applied aspects of hydrogeology during their education. Alumni are employed with many consulting and government agencies in southern California and throughout the nation. Graduates may also choose to earn Ph.D.'s at leading universities.                                                                      Advisor: Dr. Jennifer Garrison (                                                                                                                                                                                                         The MA in Geography provides an opportunity for students to advance their research skills. It is designed to prepare students for teaching at the community college level, for employment in government and private industry, and for further graduate study in geography.                                                                                                                    Advisor: Dr. Hengchun Ye (

The MS in Environmental Sciences (click for more information) prepares students for environmental science research, doctoral study, community college teaching, and technical positions in universities, industry, or governmental agencies.  

Program Director/Coordinator: Dr. Andre Ellis   ( - General Program Questions (FOR SUMMER 2018 contact Dr. Li (
Advisor: Dr. Andre Ellis   ( - Hydrology Option (FOR SUMMER 2018 contact Dr. Li (
Advisor: Dr. Kirsten Fisher ( - Biology Option   
Advisor: Dr. Gustavo Menezes ( - Engineering Option
Advisor: Dr. Jingjing Li ( - Geospatial Sciences Option

How To Apply:  

  1. Contact the appropriate Graduate Program Advisor (see above). 
  2. Complete the CSUMentor Application and submit required documents to the Admissions Office. Follow university admission checklist. 
  3. Complete the Department Application:
  4. Prepare application packet to be sent to the department. Checklist: Your packet should include--application, transcripts (from all universities attended including CSULA), statement, advisor consent form (thesis option only).
  5.  All application materials should be sent to
  6. Letters of recommendation may be sent directly to Two letters are required for the Geography and Geology Programs. Three letters are required for all Environmental Science applicants.
Note: Once the application packet has been sent to the, you will receive an email notifying you that the documents have been received and sent to the appropriate advisor/graduate committee for review. Please contact the advisor for each program in regards to your application status. 

Fall 2018 Applicants:                          

  • CSUMentor Filing Period is October 1st through April 16, 2018.
  • Deadline to submit the department application and all required documents is April 16, 2018. 
  • Transcript Note: You may need to request two copies of college transcripts since the graduate program does not receive a copy of your transcript from Admissions.
  • Make sure to submit all documents requested on page 1 of the program application to
  • Email is preferred, but you may mail documents to:


After applying, if you have any questions, contact the appropriate program advisor only and not the Geosciences & Environment Office.